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Our Nepal in Data Initiative aims to increase the availability, accessibility and use of development data on Nepal and enhance data literacy among government, civil society, media, private sector and students. Our initiative works in the following areas:

  • Increasing the availability and accessibility of data: Through our portal that we launched in January 2017, we have made more than 4000 datasets accessible covering 12 different sections of society. Every day we update the portal with the latest datasets.
  • Enhancing Data Literacy: We produce daily infographics that are published in various newspapers, share data related news and information through our social media pages and conduct outreach events to enhance data literacy in Nepal.
  • Capacity Building: We conduct workshops and trainings with government officials, civil society, media and students to enhance their capacity to collect, manage, analyze and visualize data
  • Data management related services: We also provide a range of services relating to data management to government, civil society, media and the private sector.



Nepal has a rich history as a nation and has undergone many changes since it became a democracy in the 1950’s. At the same time, the country continues to face many development challenges including those related to poverty, governance, economic development, environment, access to justice and gender and social inclusion. Keeping track of Nepal’s development trajectory and progress towards development outcomes, however, is not easy. While there is a significant amount of data and statistics being generated, most of the data and statistics are difficult to access and use and are not in open format. Available data and statistics are scattered in different places and there is no central place where data and statistics on different sectors can be accessed, compared and analyzed to connect the dots of development and can be used for evidence based policy and decision-making, development programming, research and monitoring and evaluation.

Nepal in Data (NiD) is an open data and statistics portal developed by Bikas Udhyami to make development data and statistics on Nepal from 1950 to present available and accessible to wide audience. The portal aims to serve as a single point of entry from where users can access, interact with, compare and use data and statistics relating to different aspects of Nepal’s development. By making relevant data and statistics available and accessible for others to use, the Nepal in Data portal seeks to contribute to Nepal’s development in various ways:

  • To support government in using data and statistics for evidence based policy making and decision-making on development issues.
  • To provide the general public with access to information to facilitate citizen participation in public affairs and to allow them to monitor progress towards development outcomes
  • To facilitate the use of data and statistics by civil society and development agencies to inform development programming.
  • To support the private sector to make more informed business and investment decisions.
  • To assist students, research institutions and media in using data and statistics for analysis, research and reporting.
  • To enable developers to use data to build solutions for Nepal’s development challenges.


The Nepal in Data Portal has the following features:

  • More than 4000 datasets are divided over 12 sections covering various sectors including agriculture and land; civil society and foreign aid; economy, market and finance; infrastructure, communication and technology; state and politics; the sustainable development goals; etc.
  • Users can choose from more than 2200 indicators and compare different indicators with each other.
  • The portal allows users to interact with and visualize their data selection in tabular, graph, chart and map format and download and print data and statistics.
  • An insight tab with daily updated infographics on different development issues.
  • An interactive timeline displays major events in Nepal’s development trajectory from 1950 till present.
  • A community section with the latest news, resources to support the analysis and use of data and statistics, and practices on how development data and statistics provided through Nepal in Data are used in reality
  • A data calendar provides information about upcoming releases of key data and statistical publications of the government of Nepal


In Nepal, demand for data is still low as many people are not yet accustomed to using data in their daily lives. To contribute to creating a data culture in Nepal and to support people to understand the meaning of data in order for them to be able to use data, the Nepal in Data initiative undertakes various initiatives to enhance data literacy in Nepal. On daily basis we develop a wide range of infographics that try to visualize and explain data and statistics in an easy to understand manner, which we share through the 'Insight' tab of our portal, share via our facebook and twitter pages and publish in partnership with national and local dailies. Through our portal and social media pages, we share every day the latest data related news in Nepal and publish tools and publications on a wide range of data topics. We also conduct various outreach activities focusing especially on young people to increase their awareness of the importance of data and how data can help them in their studies and future careers.


To enhance capacity of various groups to use data, the Nepal in Data initiative conducts various capacity building activities of government, civil society, media and private sector. We conduct tailor-made data management related training and capacity building of various stakeholder groups. We also conduct training on the collection, cleaning, analysis , visualization and management of data as well as specific trainings on the use of Excel, STATA and SPSS.


We provide a wide range of data management related services including business analytics, data cleaning, data visualization and design of management information systems.


Are you interested and would like to learn more about the Nepal in Data Initiative? Are you looking for specific data? Do you need help in using the datasets provided by Nepal in Data for your work? Are you interested in supporting us to update and expand Nepal in Data? Contact us. We are keen to explore collaboration with you.


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