As a team of young Nepali professionals from different backgrounds, we bring together different areas of expertise and skill sets to provide innovative thinking and new approaches to every assignment that we take on. In our work, we seek to provide our clients and partners with professionalism, quality and timely delivery of products and services.

We provide the following services

  • Data Management
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Data Visualization & Design
  • Data Infrastructure Development
  • Content Development
  • Social Media Management

We work on the basis of partnership and are interested in working together with others who share our ethos of doing development differently. By partnering with us, you can support our organization and our initiatives Nepal in Data, Udhyami Nepal and Catalyst.


Do you need support in managing your data in any way? Our Nepal in Data team can help you clean your data, analyze your data and design data management frameworks to help you manage your data better. We also train our clients in all aspects of data management.


Are you looking for specific data and need support in research design, data collection and analysis? Does your team need training on how to enter and analyze data? Out Nepal in Data team is trained and has extensive experience in the design of robust data collection methodologies and tools, and in collecting and analyzing any kind of data.


Are you looking to build the data skills of your team? Do you need a tailored training for your organization? Our Nepal in Data team conducts beginners and advanced trainings in Excel, STATA and SPSS for government, civil society, academia and anyone else working with or interested in data and statistics. We also conduct data visualization and storytelling training. We provide customized training packages.


Are you looking for someone to help you visualize data or information in an interesting and engaging way? Are you in need of support to design your publication or product in a professional and creative way? We can turn your idea into reality or help you come up with a creative new idea or concept for your product. We design infographics and develop visualizations to go with your product, or we can design your product all together.


Do you need someone who can manage and oversee the design and development of your website or other technology products with a strong data component? We design and develop websites and other technology products, and we manage the process from start to end based on your specifications and needs.


Are you looking for someone to develop manage your social media pages for you on a daily basis? Or do you need someone to develop creative and engaging content for your social media pages, app or website? Or are you looking for someone to create captivating stories or conduct personal interviews for you? We specialize in social media management looking after facebook and twitter accounts and develop content for organizations engaging a variety of audiences. We are passionate about writing and can develop a wide range of creative pieces ranging from articles to blogs that can help you tell your story more effectively