Bikas udhyami

A critical part of our mission has been to promote social innovation and encourage other young people to become social entrepreneurs. Therefore, from the start, we decided that it was important to document and share via our 'Bikas Udhyami Blog' the stories, insights and experiences of other young social entrepreneurs in Nepal who are changing the way business is done.

Check out our past blogs below as well as our publications 'Social Entrepreneurship in Nepal 1: Stories of Young Entrepreneurs Changing the Way Business is Done' and 'Social Entrepreneurship in Nepal 2: Stories of Young Entrepreneurs Changing the Way Business is Done'.

Giving Option for the Air Pollution - The Story of Metro Mask - Social Entrepreneurship Blog Series No 24July 2, 2019 Bikas Udhyami (Anusha Thapa)
The air quality is very bad and it is getting worse and worse every day. Air quality in Nepal is among the worst in the world. We were ranked at the bottom among the 180 countries surveyed in terms of air quality in a global study. And it is a leading threat to public health. And to make it worse, people are not fully aware of the dangerous air pollution. Those who are aware are also don’t know to what extent it is dangerous. So, it is really serious. Read More
Connecting Farmers to Consumers- The Story of Farm to Finger - Social Entrepreneurship Blog Series No 23June 27, 2019 Bikas Udhyami (Dipika Khatiwada)
We are trying to initiate innovation in agricultural value-added products and trying to introduce different new products collaborating with the rural farmers. We want the farmers to be the major stakeholders where they will process the products and we will support and facilitate their capacity enhancement. So, we will entirely be focusing on the processing, branding, and marketing of the products in the future. Read More
From Trafficked Children to Circus Professionals - The Story of Circus Kathmandu - SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BLOG SERIES NO 22June 25, 2019 Bikas Udhyami (Suraj Subedi)
First of all, all the traffic survivors who are with us are having a dignified life in the society. They are taking leadership to change the perception of people. Now someone can look at us and get encouraged. We are only 8 now out of 12 now in our team. Four girls got married and went their home. A few years back, you could not imagine a trafficked girl getting married, having a family and reintegrated into society. This is the hint that, though on a small scale, our effort is changing the social acceptance. Read More
A Voyage Towards Rural Coffee Farmers; The Story of Bean Voyage - SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BLOG SERIES NO 21June 21, 2019 Bikas Udhyami
there are nearly 5 million smallholder women involved in coffee production - from picking, harvest, processing, and sorting. But often Times, they aren’t very involved with marketing and sales due to gender-based discrimination (household duties and other social exclusion). Even if they are able to reach the market, they often earn 39% less than their male counterparts. We’ve realized that this status-quo needs to change around the world, and started with our attempt to equip them with the knowledge and market networks so they can produce higher quality yields while maximizing profits. Read More
Waste Management at Its Best: The Story of Doko Recyclers SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BLOG SERIES NO 20May 31, 2019 Bikas Udhyami (Dipika Khatiwada)
Our vision is to standardize proper waste management and implement it across the country such that 90% of the waste we generate would be recycled instead of ending up in landfills. This would not only ensure our environment (mainly water, air, and soil quality) would be better, but it would also circle back valuable resources into our economy Read More